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[PTS] An Eggcelente Day! by Mew248 [PTS] An Eggcelente Day! :iconmew248:Mew248 5 1 Canada's Flag by Mew248 Canada's Flag :iconmew248:Mew248 5 0 RRA: Canadian Fireworks by Mew248 RRA: Canadian Fireworks :iconmew248:Mew248 2 0 [PTS] Scarlet Blue by Mew248 [PTS] Scarlet Blue :iconmew248:Mew248 17 15
A-I-R-R: The Eggcelent Eggciting Egg Hunt (Collab)
It was a cold grey day. Clouds covered the sky and the sun spread only its feeble light on the Runelands. It was gloomy and due to the weather many people and chimeras were gloomy as well. Rico was kind of feeling the effects of the weather too. He was just sitting in his living room. A fire crackled in the fireplace and it was pleasantly warm. Many chimeras were also there taking in the warmth, many of them asleep. Rico felt bored and decided to go out. Donning a warm shirt and a hoodie he headed out to the Monster Marketplace
There were only a few people there. He walked around the Marketplace and came up to an area designed for an Easter Egg Hunt. He jumped at the chance to get his muscles working and headed to location 2. First he had to have a partner. As he stood at the entrance he saw Angela come up.
He had played many games at the Resort with her and as she approached he gave her a small smile.
Angela had just finished putting up posters for the Clover Cake Party on that lightl
:iconmew248:Mew248 3 2
A-I-R-R: The Fliers and Friendly Flyer
It was that time of year again. No, not Easter, Christmas, or any sort of birthday.  It was another anniversary for the Monster Market Place. It was not just any anniversary either - it was the 50th anniversary. A time for heavy celebration to go around the area, fun activities galore you could say. Angela had only just recently settled in Ivliado City about a year ago, so even then she wasn’t too familiar with the place. She still has so much to explore there. The day was relatively overcast, and it had rained earlier in the day, but that would not put her down. She was ready for today, in fact she was quite enthusiastic. Then again she is always hyped up, even if there isn’t much going on. Angela is always ready for any new challenge to come her way.
Though she was told she could merely participate she wanted to help out the festivities as well. It can’t be helped with her personality, as she would insist anyways even if you would tell her no. She enjoyed helpi
:iconmew248:Mew248 1 2
RRA x Shugo Chara by Mew248 RRA x Shugo Chara :iconmew248:Mew248 3 2 No. 26 - Raichu - Mouse Pokemon by Mew248 No. 26 - Raichu - Mouse Pokemon :iconmew248:Mew248 11 5 RRA: Bravery Challenge by Mew248 RRA: Bravery Challenge :iconmew248:Mew248 2 2 RRA: Endurance Challenge by Mew248 RRA: Endurance Challenge :iconmew248:Mew248 2 2
A-I-R-R: Capture the Flag (Collab)
Rico was deep in sleep. He was so tired last night that he fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow. His days at the Doki Ki Resort were full of fun events and a lot of excitement and every night he came back to his room extremely exhausted. Additionally the bright sun and salty sea air were giving him an extremely good workout and he was pretty sure his physique was improving.
Suddenly the sun, peeking through the great ceiling to floor glass window, cast its rays onto Rico’s face and woke him from his slumber. He opened his eyes begrudgingly and stretched. Not wanting to wake up he turned over and buried his face in the covers. He almost fell asleep when he heard a loud thunk on his window. Surprised and this time properly awake, Rico threw off his covers and headed over to the window. He opened the sliding doors and the room flooded with fresh salty sea air. Stepping out onto the pool’s side, the stone inlaid therein felt warm on his bare feet.
Looking around he di
:iconmew248:Mew248 1 5
RRA: Shell Colouring Contest by Mew248 RRA: Shell Colouring Contest :iconmew248:Mew248 1 0 RRA: Sandcastle by Mew248 RRA: Sandcastle :iconmew248:Mew248 2 0 LandofEveris Markings Contest by Mew248 LandofEveris Markings Contest :iconmew248:Mew248 1 0
RRA: Doki-ki Resort Journal
1/1/17 6:55 pm
Alright, so I guess this is a personal journal of mine. By chance I happen to misplace this... Which may happen, knowing me. You can find me at room [???] on the island. If I am no longer residing here for the vacation, then you can throw it out if your lazy or mail it to me at [???, at ??? Drive]. Or, you might just find yourself too curious and read this whole journal. It's fine either way, I'm not a secretive person. Heck, if I left my diary laying around I would be like, 'okay.'
It's been quite a while since I've logged things about my life, but may as well log the introduction to my trip to Doki-ki Resort while I'm feeling the need to be creative and write. 
The first step of getting ready for this trip is packing, of course. Cloths are important when you go on any sort of trip, so that I packed that first first. As well as other necessary things like a toothbrush, toothpaste, so on and so forth. After that, I packed my lucky scarf, as much as I love it I'm sur
:iconmew248:Mew248 1 2
RRA: Advanced Quest - Krampus' Sack Part 2
Apparently what it was was safe, so I think it’s about time to finish this. If you were not here for what happened in the last part of the entry, me and the rest of Ragaki Runeland staff members had gotten together and started to eat the meal. Nora thought of a great idea of everyone introducing themselves in-depth. When she then asked who wanted to go first, we had a very, well, instant response..
“So, who wants to start?” Nora asked the group.
Akito stood up from her seat at the table, “Me!! Me!!”
“Alright, Akito then,” Nora nodded.
“Yes! Alright well my job is to… uh… Well I’m just a Rune Sorcerer who helps out when need be. I’m a Wolf Kemonomimi, I use my claws and White and Dark magic for weapons! I like Reading, Writing, Practicing Sp-” Akito went on.
“I thought this was just going to be our jobs in the Runeland?” Akuma cut her off asking.
“I actually think it makes this more interesti
:iconmew248:Mew248 1 2


a fan of Totty by JolteonCyndaquil a fan of Totty :iconjolteoncyndaquil:JolteonCyndaquil 2 0 Serena, Water Elemental by Zyreno Serena, Water Elemental :iconzyreno:Zyreno 9 0 Mew248: Alugaurd by Ragaki-Runeland Mew248: Alugaurd :iconragaki-runeland:Ragaki-Runeland 2 2 Baymax (Inktober 9) by Silver-Artemis-Moon Baymax (Inktober 9) :iconsilver-artemis-moon:Silver-Artemis-Moon 147 25 Natsu by Rezeagin Natsu :iconrezeagin:Rezeagin 67 10 Shouto Todoroki Fanart Headshot by IciaChan Shouto Todoroki Fanart Headshot :iconiciachan:IciaChan 107 6 Mew248: Yudokuna by Ragaki-Runeland Mew248: Yudokuna :iconragaki-runeland:Ragaki-Runeland 2 3 Mew248: Kagayaki by Ragaki-Runeland Mew248: Kagayaki :iconragaki-runeland:Ragaki-Runeland 2 5 QUEEN - Snivy by JolteonCyndaquil QUEEN - Snivy :iconjolteoncyndaquil:JolteonCyndaquil 2 0 Back in the Old Days by SaccharoKirby Back in the Old Days :iconsaccharokirby:SaccharoKirby 137 11 cat sticker by CharrChan cat sticker :iconcharrchan:CharrChan 4 2 Mew248: Poeba by Ragaki-Runeland Mew248: Poeba :iconragaki-runeland:Ragaki-Runeland 2 2 Mew248: Furea by Ragaki-Runeland Mew248: Furea :iconragaki-runeland:Ragaki-Runeland 2 2 Mew248: Magic by SpringsofIyore Mew248: Magic :iconspringsofiyore:SpringsofIyore 2 2 VC Entertainment by Vilecannon13 VC Entertainment :iconvilecannon13:Vilecannon13 11 0 Challenger Approaching(?) by SaccharoKirby Challenger Approaching(?) :iconsaccharokirby:SaccharoKirby 178 24



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